Monday, August 2, 2010

Arriving at Eagle Nest, New Mexico for a Month

We hate to say good-bye to Woodland Park but it is time to head to Eagle Nest, New Mexico for the month of August. It is an area we have never spent much time in so it will be fun to explore new places.  Our last evening was spent sitting around the campfire with our neighbors, Hal and Jan.  They are headed to Creede to do some off-roading in their new jeep.

Mileage to Eagle Nest is 231 miles.  Quickly the mountains were behind us and we were back in the land of dry fields that seem to only grow cactus.  

Once again we decided not to unhook the car to go over Raton Pass.  Bad decision as about 1 1/2 miles from the summit we were really slowing down.  Fortunately there was a place to pull off the road so we pulled off and unhooked the car.  I drove the car the rest of the way to  Eagle Nest.
The drive on Highway 64 is truly spectacular.  You start off going along a meadow next to the mountains where the old Sante Fe Trail was.    A lot of this is on land owned by the NRA (National Rifle Association).  Eventually you go up into the forests for quite a bit of the drive and go through Cimarron Canyon State Park.  

Then all of a sudden you go around a corner and there is front of you is the 2200 acre Eagle Nest Lake, known for its trout and salmon fishing.

As you go around the last curve, you realize that the lake is situated in a large valley... called Moreno Valley.

The first business we came to is Weathers RV Park - where we will be staying for the month of August.

As you keep driving you are in the town of Eagle Nest. This adorable little town, nestled on the edge of Eagle Nest Lake, is a small, quaint town that seems to go at its own pace.  No grocery store... you either go down the valley 11 miles to Angel Fire (a ski resort) or over Bobcat pass (9800 feet) to Red River.

This is downtown!!!

Here is some information about Eagle Nest:

Eagle Nest, population 300+.  is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, nestled in the Moreno Valley between New Mexico’s two highest peaks - Baldy Mountain (12,441 feet) and Wheeler Peek (13,161 feet) - at the junction of US Hwy 64 and State Hwy 38. Situated at 8,300 feet above sea level, the village offers high-country terrain, including mountains, valleys, ranch lands, and scenic vistas with pine, aspen, wildflowers, and clean air surrounding beautiful Eagle Nest lake. The abundant wildlife in the area includes bear, elk, mountain cats, beavers, and -- yes -- eagles, both bald and golden.

Our home for the month of August is Weather's RV Park.  This is one of five RV parks situated around the lake but this one is set the closest to the lake.

Here is a view of the park from across the lake.

Gorgeous, huh!!!  We were told that in September the elk are down by the water between the lake and the RV park.  Maybe they will venture down there before we leave....

We are in site #15.   We actually have a bit of yard space.  The pavilion is in front of us.  Nice place to sit and knit and watch the lake.  Since we are right behind the office, we have great wifi connection. 

Pot luck dinners and hot dog roasts happen around the fire pit.

This is the view of town out of our front window. 

We are ringed by mountains in all directions so the view is absolutely awesome.  This is our view to the left.

This is the view behind us - actually across the road from the RV park.  I see this out my big side windows.

This looks like a great place to settle in  and use as as base to explore the surrounding areas.  Marti, the owner - who by the way is VERY nice - has already given me several suggestions of places to explore.  So check back often so see where our latest adventures have taken us.  

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