Friday, August 27, 2010

Boat Ride on Eagle Nest Lake

Yeah, after all this time we have spent  looking at the lake in front of us, we had an opportunity to go out on it today. Shannon, one of the guys that is camped here has his pontoon boat here.  He offered to take anyone interested out for a boat ride.  So we spent a lovely hour plus cruising around the lake.

View of our RV park from the lake...

Close-up of the park.  We are the rig just above the red SUV and a bit to the left (between the 2 evergreen trees).

Views of the town of Eagle Nest and areas surrounding the lake...

The old Eagle Nest Lodge - now just a burned out shell. The road above is NM 64 coming in from Cimarron.
Our captain.... thanks so much for the great trip!!!

Heading back into the cove where the dam is located.
The water is about 80 feet deep here at the dam.
Shannon decided to toss in his line to see if there was any chance of catching a trout.  While doing this he was saying probably not much chance as he had no power bait to put on the lure...  And just about then his pole went to dancing.

After a group effort of getting in the fish, netting the fish, driving the boat and taking pictures, here is the end result.  Pretty awesome, huh!
This gorgeous trout weighed in at just over 4 pounds.  Definitely a keeper!!!

Pictures on the return trip home...
It was so nice to be out on a boat.  Maybe next year we'll have to haul our pontoon boat up here.  Hm, a thought to ponder...

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