Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cows in New Mexico Must Have Formed a Union.....

'Tis the strangest thing... cow crossing signs have popped up on all sorts of roads here in New Mexico.  We have seen them in the Carson National Forest, on New Mexico state highways, in populated areas and even on small mountain roads.

This was in the town of Questa...

When I see a cow crossing sign, I automatically look for cattle-guards in the road showing that we are entering open range areas where the cows can roam freely.  BUT... rarely does this scenario exist.  Rather, these signs just seem to be randomly placed in areas where we haven't seen a cow for many a mile.  Strange...

On NM Highway 120.  We are in a forest... no cows.

So I've come to the logical conclusion that the cows have formed a union so that if they ever wanted to roam, they could... and drivers would be alerted to keep an eye out for them.

On our last day here in New Mexico we finally found some free range cows... on the road to the little community of Idlewild.

Hm, dare I tell them that isn't a cow crossing sign? 

Maybe the cows now have a new purpose... to warn drivers of the windy roads.

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