Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week with the Girls

We had the opportunity to have the two girls for a week while their mom and dad took a much needed vacation.
It was a busy week of up early for school, homework and baths.  But we also got to do a lot of fun stuff such as going to the farm to ride horses, going to the 89er's Carnival, going to the Rodeo, going to the park, cooking and baking, blowing bubbles and just plain playing!

The girls were excited to spend the evening at the 89er's Carnival.  The only ride that Chi liked was the merry-go-round. 

Grace and friends had a grand time riding the rides.

When Chi wasn't busy riding her "dog", we watched Grace spin round and round!

Time out for some at-home time.

Since Gracie and Chi are so into all things horses, we took them to the local rodeo.  Grace quickly figured out where the best seat was!

No stay with us is complete without a trip to the park.


Showing off her new cowgirl boots...

Our copycat!

Playing soccer...

Bubble time is always a fun time!

All in all, it was a very busy week.  I think everyone is exhausted!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Riding Lessons with a Friend

Gracie got a special treat this Saturday as her friend Kieran joined her for a riding lesson out at the farm.  Kieran's grandma, Jackie, and I have been friends for years, having met through the Oklahoma County Master Gardener program.  The girls have known each other since they were probably 3 years old.  While they don't see each other often, when they do get together it makes for special times and wonderful memories.

So just imagine two giggly 7 year olds who are both horse crazy!

Friends forever!!!

Horseback Riding Lessons Again

We were all excited to go the farm as there is a brand new paint baby foal that is less than one week old!  Isn't she adorable!

Learning to clean the hooves...

Learning to steer around the cones!

Working on sitting upright and not swaying - by carrying an egg in a spoon!

Chi still says she won't ride a horse, only a donkey!

My kitty cat, T.J., who went to live on the farm when we started traveling. He has become top barn cat and has happily settled into his new life.

Easter Egg Hunt

Girls spent Friday night with us so we could go to the Kiwanis Easter Egg hunt at Highland Park on Saturday morning.  It will be a busy day because after the egg hunt, we'll head to the farm for Gracie's riding lesson.

Have to admit that the Kiwanis folks were very organized - different areas for different ages of kids.

The girls are impatiently waiting the start of the hunt.  We are not so sure Chi really understands what this is all about...

Finally  time to hunt those eggs.  Since I had the camera, we only have pics of Gracie.

Now it's time to play at the playground!

Chi went down the slide... many times!

My Easter girls!