Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Uncle Wilbur's Fountain in Colorado Springs

We headed down the mountain to Colorado Springs to Uncle Wilbur's Fountain so the girls could play in the water.  Last summer Chi sat in Bill's lap and refused to play in the water.  This summer it's a whole different story!  Grace explained to Chi how it all works...

And then they were ready to get wet!

And then there was water!!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Girls Have Arrived!!!

We are so excited because this summer we  have the girls for two whole weeks!  We picked them up in Hays, Kansas, and returned them to Amarillo, Texas, where we all celebrated Chi's 4th birthday.  The girls were with us for our last week in Woodland Park and then we all moved to Eagle Nest, New Mexico, where Bill and I would stay until mid September.

For the first time the girls slept in the front room by themselves rather than the girls and I in the back bedroom on the king size bed and Bill up front.  We created a new nighttime custom - ice cream cones in bed!

While we kept really busy, we made sure to take time for cuddling.

Some quiet time...

Meal times were always fun.  Thank goodness the girls adore salads!  And pizza was always a perfect meal.

The girls loved playing outside!

 Making new friends!