Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Have Left the Mountains...

We are sad to report that we have left Eagle Nest and the beautiful mountains.  It is time to head back to Oklahoma.  While we are quite excited to see our granddaughters and their mom and dad, we are not looking forward the the hot temperatures that are still in Oklahoma.

Last morning at Eagle Nest it was 35 degrees. By 9:30  that morning it was up to 45 degrees and sunny. Temperatures have been running in the high 30's to low 40's at night and in the mid-70's during the day.  Perfect temperatures, if you ask me!  

So mid to high 90's in Oklahoma sounds HOT.  Oh,  and did I mention the high humidity there which makes the heat index be even hotter?

We plan to spend July, August and September in Eagle Nest next summer.  Marti has no room for us in July, but hopefully we will be at her park for August and September.  

So with fond memories of the people and the places, we say good-bye to New Mexico.

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  1. MOMMA DUCK!!!!

    I found you through Mary Taylor in Oklahoma. OH MY! I"m so happy to hear that you're traveling. We are must learn all about Scenic Roots we're touring FULL TIME! Check us out on all of our sites.!/scenicrootsduo

    Maybe we'll run into you down the road!