Friday, July 23, 2010

Looking for the Donkeys

After we left the Crags, we decided to drive over to Cripple Creek to see if we could find the donkeys.  We had such good success in finding them when we were there with the girls, we thought we'd try again.

Came across this interesting house...
After driving up and down the streets we were about to give up when we spotted two donkeys napping in someone's front yard.  They rather looked like yard art!

Around the corner was the rest of the herd. 

I rolled down the window and called them.  To our surprise they trotted right over.  Hm, maybe they remembered  we fed them carrots a few days ago....but we have none with us today.

Really, I don't have any carrots...

Gracie's favorite donkey...

During this entire time our two dogs have been in the back seat barking hysterically at the donkeys.  All their noise didn't faze these critters. Oh yes, they like to ride in Chi's car seat.

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