Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gracie and Chi's Visit to Colorado - Day 4

Another beautiful morning so we all decided this would be a good day to spend at the North Pole/Santa's Workshop.  Amazing how fast everyone could eat breakfast this morning!

This was a walk down memory lane for me as my mom and day and I always visited the North Pole each summer when we visited Vermont.  Sadly the reindeer no longer roam the park - they are kept in fenced enclosures.

The first ride the girls wanted to go on was to drive the cars.  Chi decided she would drive me around!

Grace headed off to go down the slide and Grandpa and Chi went to check out the children's rides.

Unfortunately Chi decided there was no way she was going to ride any of the children's rides so Grace and I decided to ride a few that she wanted to go on.

Time for a ride Chi would go on so we headed over to ride the train.  Chi's glasses are quite new.  She is great about wearing them but tends to look over them!

We walked down to where there were more children's rides and Grace convinced her to ride the ladybug cars with her.  After that ride Chi was ready to ride anything!

Grace was a really good sport about riding some of these kiddie rides with Chi.  Then she convinced Chi to go on a fast ride!  Surprisingly, Chi loved it!!!

And then Chi became a little daredevil along with her sister!

Fascinated with the water!

Another ride with Grandma.

We discovered the North Pole - and it was covered with ice!

Getting close to time to leave.  Each got to pick one more ride.  Grace chose the Tilt-a-Whirl and Chi wanted to drive the car again.

Almost five hours later, we took two tired but happy girls back to the motorhome for a must needed nap.

Long naps for all.  Pancakes for dinner and then some slow time playing in the motorhome before bedtime.  Gracie has fallen in love with my iPad and is on it every time we turn around.

Another successful day!  One more day left before we drive back to Hays, Kansas to meet Billy and Sheri and return the girls to them.

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