Monday, July 12, 2010

Gracie and Chi's Visit to Colorado - Day 1

Once again the sleeping arrangements turned out to be the girls and I in the bed in the back (thank goodness for the king size bed!) and Bill and the dogs up front. I was awoken most mornings with wet kisses from Chi with her arms wrapped around me, whispering "I missed you" in my ear.  Must admit, that is a nice way to wake up!

The girls woke up ready to go be tourists.  After some debate, it was decided that we would go the the Dinosaur Resource Center here in Woodland Park.

We gave Gracie a camera to use and she had a blast taking pictures. Some of them turned out quite well!

While the museum part of the Dinosaur Resource Center was not big, the friendly folks working there were full of fun interesting information about the various dinosaurs.  Grace loved all the information given to her while Chi just loved the dinosaurs.

Here are some of Gracie's pictures.  She especially liked this little guy.  While small, he was able to hunt and kill dinosaurs many times larger than he was.

Bill and Chi patiently waited for Grace to take pictures.  Grandpa's hat is always fun to play with!
Gracie is such a good big sister to Chi.  We were so impressed with her patience when showing Chi how something worked.

Once we finished at the Dinosaur Resource Center it was lunch time.  We decided a picnic was just the thing we needed to do.  So back to the motorhome  we went to pack up a lunch and then we headed to  Manitou Lake Recreation Area for a picnic.
Here the girls discovered those cute little creatures called chipmonks.  They patiently sat at a hole waiting for a chipmonk to come up and take a ritz cracker.  Patience paid off as this happened numerous times.
While the girls explored, Grandma unpacked lunch.
After lunch, it was down to the lake to explore.

Eventually we rounded up the girls and headed back to the motorhome for a nap.
After dinner at McDonald's we went to the Play Park Above the Clouds here in Woodland Park.  This was  a perfect place for the girls to run off some of their energy before bedtime.

Stopping to talk with Mom and Dad.

Back home to the motorhome for bucket showers with a promise if they hurried we had another adventure for them.  Sure enough, soon we had two girls all clean and in their jammies.  So we loaded them into the car and went looking for some elk herds.  Best and closest place to look is CR 5 north of the town of Divide.    Saw some mule deer but no elk.  

If we keep this pace up all week, Bill and I will be exhausted!!!

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