Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exploring the Hills of Arkansas

We wanted to explore the surrounding hills (locals call them mountains) so we took a trip to the north to do some exploring.  The road we ended up on  was one twisty hilly road.

At the end of that crooked road was the quaint community of Oark and the historic Oark General Store and Cafe. This store is the oldest continuous-operation store in Arkansas, established in 1890.

To our delight, we discovered awesome pie so down we sat to try some.

Our next adventure was to Magazine State Park.  Mount Magazine is the hightes peak in the state at 2,753 feet.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed up the mountain.

We found the perfect spot for a picnic...

and Bill found the perfect spot for a nap!

Back exploring again...

Well our time is up here at Aux Arc and it's time for us to move to the next campground.  This is definitely one of our favorite campgrounds and we will definitely be back.

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