Friday, May 14, 2010

Magnolia Blossom Festival and Steak Cook-off Competition - Day 1

We had reservations to stay four nights at the County Fairground in Magnolia.  Nothing fancy, but it allowed us to be close to downtown and all of the festivities.

We were with Don and Juanette and Janie and Don came and joined us.  That is their trailer in the picture.

Janie and Don have a big pickup truck so we all loaded into it on Thursday night to go check out the courthouse square where the festival would be held on Friday and Saturday.  Lo and behold we discovered that the local television channel was doing interviews downtown to advertise the festival.  There was a Clydesdale horse and handler there as well.  

In talking to the handler, we found out where the horses were being stabled.  He said that if the pasture gate was open, folks were welcome to come in and meet the horses.

One of the handlers had one of the horses out on a lead and was working him in figure eights.  It was a gorgeous thing to watch.  Such a big horse - and he could change directions so smoothly.
And I of course found a barn cat to pet!

There was a semi trailer that carried nothing but the harnesses.  Guys were in there busily polishing all the brass fittings.
That evening we went downtown to go to the Gospel music concert.  Lots of concessions so we ate dinner there also.


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