Sunday, May 2, 2010

A New Adventure

Just got a call from Billy.  He and Sheri have decided to take us up on our offer of moving into our house.  Sheri just got a new job - real estate attorney for Hobby Lobby Corporation - and they have decided that the commute from Stillwater is just too far for Sheri to make on a daily basis.

So that means we are  fulltime RV'ers.  Yup, we are now living full time in the motorhome - a dream come true. 

Guthrie will still be our home base as that is where Billy, Sheri and the girls are.  But rest of the time, we will be the happy wanderers! 

Update:  Sorted all of our clothes and kept  only enough to last for about 16 days.  Our goal is to go two weeks between stops at a laundry mat. 

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