Saturday, May 15, 2010

Magnolia Blossom Festival and Steak Cook-off Competition - Day 2

We all got up early on Saturday morning to go to a Pancake Breakfast hosted by a local church.

Filled up our stomachs - now we are ready to go watch the parade.  Can't remember the exact number of Steak Cook-off teams (87 or 89) but they all pulled their cookers in a parade.  At the end of the parade route, they then parked in their numbered space on the courthouse square.
So the parade was a bit long but it was fun to see all the teams and their enthusiasm.  Parade began with the Clydesdale horses.  Such beauties!

Of course the dalmatian was sitting up there as proud as can be.  He travels with the horses in their specially designed 18 wheeler.

Bill took a picture of each entry but I'm not going to post all those pics!!!  But here a few pictures of some of the more fun teams.

The winning team!!!

Once the teams set up, they started laying out their steaks to begin the seasoning process.  16 ounce rib-eye steaks.  Yum!!!

And then the cooking started.  Talk about great smells!!!  Wow!

We then decided we had better claim our bit of lawn to set up the lawn chairs.  Perfect - grass and under the magnolia trees.

We quickly realized that we needed to  walk  around and talk with the various teams.  Here we are asking about how this team seasons their steaks.  Each team seems to have their secret ingredients that they add. 


Soon it was time to get in line to get our tray, baked potato, salad, roll and drink.  There were five serving lines.  We were astounded that 5,000 people went through these lines in less than 45 minutes.  

Once you had your tray, you then went and chose a steak from one of the teams.  We are scurried around to get our steaks and then headed back to our spot of turf.   Now we are ready to try our steaks!  Incredible flavor and oh so tender.  What a meal!

After we finished eating we made our way over to the stage area to find out which team won.  There was a concert afterwards but we decided to head on back home as it had been a long day. 

This was definitely a festival well worth coming to and we hope to come back again some other year.  Good job Magnolia for making it all run so smoothly.

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