Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Part 20 Winter Trip - It's SNOWING!!!

We went to bed with the weather forecast talking about colder temperatures tomorrow with a possibility of snow flurries in central Texas.  The maps were showing the snow stopping north of Austin so we figured we would see only some rain.  Wrong!

Bill woke me up the next morning, tellling me  to hurry and look out the window.  Falling from the sky were some of the biggest, fattest, wettest snowflakes that I have ever seen.  Over the course of the day, it snowed like this three  separate times.  About two hours after each snow fell, most would have melted and by the next morning there was no trace of the snow.

When we had arrived at the park, one of the first things that Juanette did was to hang up her bird feeder.  She was nice enough to hang it where we could see it also!  We had a grand time watching the birds during the snowstorm, especially the bright red cardinals.  They were not picky, they would eat from either the feeder or the ground.  

In fact we had so much fun watching the birds, that we decided that we needed to get a bird feeder the next time we were in town.

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