Friday, February 12, 2010

Part 11 Winter Trip - Miller Creek RV Resort, Home for the Next Month

Moving day has once again arrived.  The good news is that when we settle into Miller Creek RV Resort   we'll be there for a month.  Found this park on RV Park Reviews.  This is located on HWY 281 between Johnson City and Blanco (straight north of San Antonio).  Talked with Karen in the office several times and she has been so very nice.

The office:

Our rigs - ours in front and Don's is in back.

The dogs were happy to have a dog run.

Miller Creek runs along the side of the property.  We were lucky to see running water in the creek as it has been dry the last few years.  Along the water is a perfect place to walk or sit under the big live oak trees.

We had a wonderful neighbor next to us, Linda.  She and her husband are living there full time so hopefully we'll see them next April.  Every Wednesday in the rec hall you were invited for dinner which cost $3.00 per person.  Great cook, tasty food, great company.   After dinner the guys played poker and the gals played cards.  I brought my Farkle dice game and we all played and had a blast. 

This has turned out to be a great location for taking day trips to explore the Texas Hill Country.  Definitely recommend this as a great place to stay.  Owners take a very hands on approach so things seem to stay in tip top shape. 

Check out this map of the Texas Hill Country:

Over the period of one month, we traveled throughout this area exploring the countryside and towns.  Landscape is rugged hills and buttes with fields of cactus, mountain cedar, live oak and some mesquite.  Not beautiful in the way of the Rockies but definitely has its own personality. 

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