Monday, March 1, 2010

Part 21 Winter Trip - Our New Bird Feeder

When we were next in Marble Falls, we made a trip to Ace Hardware to see if we could find a bird feeder. We were so lucky as to find one that attaches to a window.  So loaded with a feeder and sunflower seeds, we put the feeder on the window over the desk in the living room.  Within a few hours the birds discovered our new feeder.

At first they were very tentative about landing so close to the window...

But soon their desire for sunflower seeds overrode their anxiety!

We discovered that there was in fact a pecking order as to who could sit at the feeder.  The male cardinals were very territorial and would no allow another male cardinal at the feeder.  However other kinds of birds were tolerated. 


In fact we had one male cardinal who, when full, would turn his back to the feeder and just sit there - daring another male cardinal to land!  These little guys were quite entertaining!

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