Friday, June 10, 2011

We Are on Vacation - in Denver!!!

What, you say?  On vacation?  Come on, you are on a permanent vacation, you say.

Well, yes and no!  But we don't spend every day out sightseeing and being on the go constantly.  So our live style can't really be called a true vacation in that sense. So I decided that we needed a real vacation before we go to the mountains for summer! 

So the next stop is Denver for a week.  Bill, get out your walking shoes because we are going to make tracks!
We are staying at Cherry Creek State Park, a wonderful oasis right in the middle of Denver.  Here are our views from outside the motorhome.

Lots of snow on the Front Range.  Yeah!  This means we need to make a trip up Mount Evans, among other things.

This park is fairly new and made for big rigs so lots of room for our baby!

So I am busy planning our next week.  Come back and see where we go!

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