Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lehigh Town Reunion

We met Valerie, Mitch and Ed at the Lehigh cemetery late morning so they could walk through the cemetery. Bill and Ed wanted to take some pictures of family graves.

Bill's grandparents' grave:

Bill's great grandparents' grave.  Tennesse Diane is who  Chi is named for.

Afterwards we then went to the reunion at the old bank building in Lehigh.  Must admit the food was pretty yummy and I met some interesting people.  Stories told were quite entertaining.

A mural has been painted on the wall inside the bank building.  Valerie showed me that her dad is depicted in this mural (he is Bill's uncle).  He is the middle person.

All in all,  not too bad of a day.  It was nice to see Valerie, Mitch and Ed.  Miss them all when we are off on our adventures!

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