Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home for Three Weeks

We have come home to have the hitch installed on the Explorer and motorhome so we can start pulling the car.  So far we've spent all of our time traveling with my brother and sister-in-law, but this summer we are heading to the mountains on our own so need transportation (one doesn't easily take 38' to the grocery store).    Our plan is to also take the girls to the lake for a week.

Needless to say, we were so excited to see the girls.  They immediately packed their bags and came to stay with us.  

Watching a new movie:

Nap time.  We continued our habit of the girls and I sleeping in the back bed.

Saturday morning Grace wanted to go to the farm for a riding lesson so we packed up and went out there.  One of the horses just had foal so the girls were excited to see the new baby.
While Grace was having her lesson, Chi got to ride on her beloved donkey, Jack.  Notice that Jack's ears are back.  I'm not sure the affection is returned!

A major step forward for Chi.  Up to now she wouldn't have anything to do with horses, only donkeys.  But here she is helping Gracie brush Gambler.

Putting Gambler pack in his corral:

Also checked on my kitty cat "TJ" while at the farm.  He now lives in the barn and thinks he is top cat.  He appears to be getting lots of loving from all who go in the barn.  Miss my boy but he can't travel in the motorhome.

Unfortunately plans don't always turn out the way your want them to turn out.  We had been hearing a grinding sound when putting out the biggest slide-out so we asked McClain's folks to look at it while installing the hitch on Monday.  While they were moving it in and out, a cable snapped and broke.  John, the mechanic - and a wonderful one at that, rigged up a temporary cable so we could put out the room while they ordered a new cable.  However he advised us to do this only once between now and when we returned to have it replaced.  This means no trip to the lake with the girls so we'll have to stay at the RV park.

So we returned home with the Explorer being towed.  Yeah, this was a big step for us.

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