Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gorgeous Wildflowers in the Llano Area

Everyone is telling us that the wildflowers are early this year. Here it is March 28th and look at the variety of flowers that we saw while out driving off the main roads in the Llano area. It was an overcast day and drizzled on and off the entire drive. We decided the bit of rain washed the dust off the flowers to make them sparkle for us!
Around a curve all of a sudden other wildflowers started mingling with the bluebonnets. Mother Nature sure knows how to combine her colors!
We saw fields covered with the white prickly poppy. We later learned that these poppies are a sign of the land having been heavily over-grazed. Very little grass so large patches of dirt for the flowers to grow. So pretty for us but not so good for the ranchers.
We came upon fields of the Indian Paintbrush. Gorgeous!
All in all, a wonderful day of wildflower gazing!

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