Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exotic Resort Zoo

On a cool, rainy morning, Bill and I and Don and Juanette and Linda and Andy headed out on a road trip to the Exotic Resort Zoo located four miles north of Johnson City. This 137 acre zoo is home to more than 500 animals, with more than 1/2 of them at one time on the endangered animal list and nearing extinction.

The rain stopped by the time we arrived so we piled out of the cars ready to start our adventure. Only Bill, I and Andy had been here before but we had prepared the others for the fun task of hand feeding the animals from the tram. Little did they understand...
We are on the tram and have our buckets of food. The wonderful thing is that it is only the six of us on the tram. Since this is the first tour of the day, the animals should be hungry and eager to come up to the tram to be fed. Ready to roll!
By far our favorite animal to feed was the buffalo. All you had to do was drop handfuls of food onto his long black tongue! He was also appreciative of a good rub on his head. Hair on the top of his head felt like steel wool!
The zebras were also fun to feed. For them food was placed on the fenders of the tram but petting was encouraged!
And then there are the Scottish Highland cows. Such cute cuddly critters!
Daddy Emu was kind enough to show us the eggs that he was sitting on. We were astounded to learn that each egg weighs about five pounds.
Photos from the Petting Zoo.

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