Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grace's Day Out

Today is Gracie's day out with us and she has chosen to drive a race car. So off to OKC we head to the indoor race track. After being measured she qualifies to drive the youth race car. I am told that this car "only" goes up to 20 mph. Oh boy. I see a nervous grandma emerging!

Grace, on the other hand, is bouncing with excitement. After watching a learner's video and being quizzed about the meaning of the 5 flags, she is deemed ready to drive. So on goes the helmet....
Next it is into the race car with a few final instructions.
The race consists of 5 laps around the quarter mile track. I feel a bit better as she is the only one on the track.

Bill and I quickly find the perfect spot to take pictures.
Gracie bounced out of the race car wanting to drive again. So back she goes. This time there is no hesitation in her driving. She zooms around the course like a pro!
Now she decides it is time to try her luck in the arcade.
We never dreamed she would collect so many tickets!

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