Sunday, October 18, 2009

FIrst Trip in Motorhome with the Granddaughters

We decided it was time to take an overnight trip in the motorhome with the granddaughters.  We knew Grace (age 6) would love it but had no idea if Chi (age 2) would take to life in a small space.

We decided to stay close to home and chose to go to Canton Lake .  Gracie was excited as she got to ride up front.  Chi and I rode on the couch and played with her dolls.  To both girls delight, we found a campsite across from the playground.  

Our two days were filled with walks...

playing at the playground.....

blowing bubbles..... 

and making a complete mess in the motorhome! 

Chi found the perfect place to sit and watch the world outside!

Nap time.  That night the girls and I slept in the bedroom while Grandpa slept up front with the dogs.

Joining Grandpa in bed in the morning.  Lucky Grandpa!!!

We all agreed it was a fun trip and the girls are ready to go again.  Grandma and Grandpa agreed that they are exhausted!!!

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