Saturday, January 9, 2010

Part 3 Winter Trip - Ship Watching

A favorite pastime is a visit to the ship channel by the beach to see if any ships were coming or leaving the channel.  All ships going into the Corpus Christi port enter the channel here.

Two ships were about to enter the channel as we arrived and a third one was in the distance.

One of the joys of ship watching is being able to watch dolphins jumping in the waves in front of the ships.  These dolphins stay in the channel, never venturing out to sea.  Their job seems to be leading ships up and down the channel.  Catching one in a picture is hard to do but if you look on the far right side of the picture, you'll see a dolphin swimming.

After watching these two ships go by, we quickly got back in the car and headed to the pier in downtown Port A to watch the third ship go by.  Couldn't resist some pics of our favorite birds while waiting for the ship.

By now dusk was approaching and it was time to go find dinner.

This was a typical afternoon on the island - bird watching and ship watching!!!

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